No – We have years of experience performing bookkeeping services across several industries, but we partner with accounting firms to provide the services you need.

We recommend scanning your receipts and saving them to shared folder (One Drive or Google) or emailing them.

Otherwise, you can mail/drop-off the physical receipts and we will return them once they have been processed.

Additionally, we can attach images of receipts to their transactions in QuickBooks. This is not a necessary step, but is helpful for any future audits and is an added level of transparency.

We offer weekly or monthly transaction reconciliation. This allows you to pick the service that works best for you! Monthly services allows us to work through transactions in batches, but will result in delayed reporting, whereas weekly will give near real time results.

We exclusively use Quickbooks online – This allows you and our team to easily access your books from anywhere and gives you full control of your account.